fashion tv live midnight hot, comfort and durability the exclusivity of something and its luxurious look are the reasons that produce scope for something to be marketed. That's industry policy of virtually every fashion company revolves around these features.

Simultaneously, the marketing and availability of various products allow us the customers'sense of selection and exposure with a comparative buying power. Fashion is not always brand conscious; it's item based as well. Sometime, the requirement for a certain item may force us to go beyond the brand-range and select something less popular. This is a challenge most of the famous brands have to deal with. Ian Griffiths and Nicola White, within their edited work: The Fashion Business- Theory, Practice, Image, commented on item shopping as:

"Item shopping is still quite definitely part of our lives, but market saturation has brought its toll and replacement purchases of core product continue steadily to decline. Put into this is actually the changing profile of the customer, who, through constant exposure, has become wiser, more astute, well informed in mixing products and consequently, apt to be less brand loyal."

The customer satisfaction is very important in the fashion industry; either it's attained by making customer needful for an impending product through advertising, or by providing him what he is striving for. The former caused the creative and design department to try out new ideas and shapes whilst the latter forced the product quality controlled production with maintained standards.

Modern day fashion is rapid, brief, more corporate in its structure, and psychological than ever before. Due to raised and quick sources of communication and information, the international or external markets are open for every fashion company to accomplish business, multinational companies can be found with variety of products in most of the continents with complex network and appropriate marketing policies based on the socio-cultural requirements of a particular country. Especially, once we discuss the couture and cosmetics, contemporary trends are receiving more and more cross-cultural due to viewership of various fashion channels on TV. This is far quicker source compared to the print media. So, the skills and concepts will also be crossing the geographical and ideological boundaries of different elements of the planet regardless of ethnic rigidity and conventionalism. That's one reason that fashion can be taken whilst the reflection of the progress in a few developing countries. Fred Divis described clothing as an aesthetic metaphor in his compilation; Fashion, Culture and Identity:

"As visual metaphor the clothing that's dress (one should perhaps distinguish involving the two) is effective at communicating a lot of things including something as subtle, for example, whilst the wearer's reflexive awareness..."

This is exactly what has made fashion companies responsible for customer support at the same time, when they were thinking to be profitable. You will find friendly policies of such companies towards its employees, suppliers and customers. Alongside the advertising campaigns, Fashion Weeks with new designs and colors, serve additionally to market new concepts. These Fashion Weeks not just display numerous new products, but also serve to speak with the audience visually. Dresses and accessories worn by models doing catwalk, are far more lively and enthralling compared to the mere display on mannequins. Normally with a selection of Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter collection, Fashion Weeks boost market demands and promote its associated businesses as well. Fashion Shows now have become cultural events which are happily sponsored by the corporate sector.

At present day fashion companies, there is an underlying and long standing commitment to ethical trading, based on the belief, that business can be both profitable and responsible. So, fashion companies believe that building meaningful longterm relationships with employees, suppliers and communities is good business practice for them and is what the customers expect popular brands. This is, and always has been, the founding principle of different brands as Corporate-Social responsibility.

Fashion is not only a phenomenon for luxurious life, but this concept deals with humanity as well. True meaning of fashion is to put life relaxed and to facilitate humanity having its respective life style. That's why, modern fashion companies are conscious for the very fact of supporting special people of society with special needs. This phenomenon is causing fashion to be responsive towards special people.

Therefore, industry and its demands may vary from community to community. As an example, the number may get different in a London store when compared with the variety at a Singapore or China store. No doubt, in the present day world,'East meets West'but climate, culture, sociology and psychological needs can force fashion designers and companies to provide a vast canvas for the diversity of customers worldwide. But you will find few items that are evergreen. Jeans and Bags are such commodities that are always in demand and ask for the most recent styles and comfort at the exact same time.

Modern day fashiontv hot, human, culture and society friendly. At one end it emphasizes collective psychology and trends of a community, and at the other end, it deals with the individual needs of customer care. Healthy trends, balanced life, and busy lifestyle are, what the present day fashion companies have to think about deeply. It is no further a matter of looking good and attractive, true fashion and accessories join comfort and trend together. Fashion companies are somehow, have become institutes that are shaping behaviors, psychology and healthy and innovative thinking. The concept of being relaxed and making others too, by wearing attractive, comfortable, trendy and eye-catching outfits in soothing or energetic colors, may be the order of the present day day.